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Knights of Magdalen : Les Soeurs et Freres Militants

Vieni, Spirito Santo: Dona La Pace


"...I walked further on. Before me, there was a statue of the Mother of God, weeping. Her smooth face was turned to the side, eyes cast down, and her hands spread out, palms and fingers gesturing to the earth at her feet. "Here", she seemed to say- "look below... look for me in the earth". And so I do; I always have. Here, where the divine activity that shaped all things came to rest in a mortal breast, Fire in the Earth, I have looked deeper, under the ground of the mind's awareness, into the inner sanctum of the mysteries.

There, in timeless youth, does the Secret Rose sit, the Queen and Consoler, a light of compassion, a slate-gray tear for mourning and remembrance; the true mother of our race. There, she gathers all the dead to herself, and sends forth life in great abundance. From within the souls of humankind, her promised child was born, that death itself might die. All of creation held its breath in anticipation of the star that should come to earth, and awaken, with divine imagination, the sleeping god within us all."

-Gnosis Kardias

Welcome to my Live Journal. Peace be with you.

My name is Michael, and I am a student of life and religion.

I live my life by the Code of Chivalry, which can be found here:


This Journal, along with the LJ community entitled "The Preceptory", Acts as the unofficial webpage of the Order of the Knights of Magdalen, SFM, until our site is built and running.