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Stop Violence Against Women - Knights of Magdalen : Les Soeurs et Freres Militants

About Stop Violence Against Women

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Date:January 12th, 2005 10:27 pm (UTC)


it is religiously mandated. it is part of their covenant with their god. (it would be like feeding pork to a jew or muslim, it is breaking one of their religius tenents). it is my understanding that if the jewish parents do not arrange a bris (sp?), then they are failing in their duty as jewish parents to raise their son in their religion. that uncircumsized boy will be chastized by his jewish friends for not participating in one of their main rituals, ie. bris. and therefore may be challenged to his jewishness.

the academic side of me says: it is part of their culture and religion that's been going on for for well over 2000 years. no judgement. (many religius groups do some thing that make the seperate from the rest of society or the "tribe over there". identity is important)

the non-academic side says: its wrong and should be the choice of an adult. but that is judging them based on my standards.

as i was writing this a thought occured to me: we have ana-baptists who practice adult baptism. i wonder if a sect of jews might practice ana-circumcison?
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Date:January 12th, 2005 11:17 pm (UTC)



You have little choice BUT to judge the world by your own standards. That's part of being human. The trick is to have fair and dignified standards by which to judge. That's the best we humans can do.

I personally don't care what has become "traditional" to a culture- if kids or women or ANYONE is being hurt, or if a threat to dignity is there, It has to be addressed. A single ray of light can part a darkness that has persisted for thousands of years. Cultures and Traditions change- even the Judaic culture didn't *always* circumsize- something started it. A change swept through, and become traditionalized. The same thing can happen again.

I'm not saying its our job, but if it is put before me, I will respond as my heart, my reason, and my code direct me.


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