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Knights of Magdalen : Les Soeurs et Freres Militants

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Prayer and Creed of the Spirit Companion Militant Jun. 8th, 2005 @ 06:10 pm

Prayer and Creed of the Spirit Companion Militant, Protector and Guide of Wisdom, Godly Messenger to the Soul: Prayer of the Brothers and Sisters Militant in the face of Struggle, Vincenti dabo ei edere de ligno Vitae.

* * *

"Stand aside in the coming battle, and though thou fightest, be thou not the warrior.
Look for the warrior, and let him fight in thee.
Take his orders for the battle and obey them.
Obey him not as though he were a general, but as though he were thyself,
And his spoken words were the utterance of thy secret desires;
For he is thyself, yet infinitely wiser and stronger than thyself.

Look for him, else in the fever and hurry of the fight thou mayest pass him;
And he will not know thee unless thou knowest him.
if thy cry reach his listening ear, then he will fight in thee,
And fill the dull void within.
And if this is so, then canst thou go through the fight cool and unwearied,
Standing aside and letting him battle for thee.
Then it will be impossible for thee to strike one blow amiss.

But if thou look not for him, if thou pass him by, then there is no safeguard for thee.
Thy brain will reel, thy heart grow uncertain, and in the dust of the battlefield,
Thy sight and senses will fail, and thou will not know thy friends from thy enemies.
He is thyself, yet thou are finite and liable to error.

He is Eternal and is sure. He is eternal truth.
When once he has entered thee and become thy warrior,
He will never utterly desert thee,
And at the day of the great Peace, he will become one with thee."

* * *

Aurora Consurgens,


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Verses in Honor of Glorified Esclarmonde Feb. 6th, 2005 @ 03:10 pm

I turned my Faith conversation into a "Marcus Aurelius" type meditation, in honor of the Cathar Saint Esclarmonde De Foix, and added a "Cathar Sacrament Meal" that some friends of mine and I had worked on years back. Many thanks to those who gave it a home.


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What does a woman really want? Jan. 30th, 2005 @ 03:36 pm

A person who came here left a link to a very powerful mythical story, which resonates with the ideals of a true respect for women.

The Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame RagnellCollapse )

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The Essence of Faith Jan. 19th, 2005 @ 04:52 pm

People do a lot of arguing about what they believe and why. But I wonder how many people REALLY think about what they believe, and why.

To me, this is the most important question, when it comes to religion. What is the essence of your faith, and why do you believe it?

I'd like each person here who cares to answer, to do so- and answer in this manner:

1. What is the Essence of your Faith? By "Essence", I mean, What is the central point, the central theme of your faith? What does "faith" mean, and what do you have faith in? What is the basic point or teaching that your faith or religion makes to the world, about the world?

2. Why do you believe what you do?

Let me start by answering these questions for myself, then we can go from here:

My FaithCollapse )

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For a very beautiful Lady Jan. 13th, 2005 @ 07:35 pm

Is everything, including what you call "voluntary action", actually spontaneous?

Many people say "I am controlled by my ego. Try as I might, I can't NOT be controlled by it.

Many people say "I want to be different"; they say that they are helpless before ego and fear- they want very much to change, to be different, to be better- but what if the answer to this problem lies not in "making a change", but in understanding something different about the nature of yourself, and all things, and how what you call "ego" relates to deeper reality?

What if "decisions" and "feelings" aren't what you are in control of? What if what YOU have control of is only how you understand yourself and all the world- and what if that proper understanding transforms you totally?

Is what you call "voluntary action" really voluntary? Are you really failing to make the proper decisions, and being dominated by ego or fear? Or is none of that the case? What if your only failing is in how you are perceiving yourself and the world?

Click here to see what one very wise man said.Collapse )

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Other entries
» Expressing the Infinite

Who can say the Name of the Infinite?Collapse )

» Stop Violence Against Women

Of all the Charities and Foundations that are going to be on our Donation Roster, Amnesty International tops the list- especially in their Campaign to Stop Violence Against Women.

I admit that I personally have a particular interest in aiding those that target "Honor Killings" in Islamic countries, as well as Female Circumcision, wherever it occurs- those two are my personal "most hated" issues- but domestic violence is where it hits closest to home for most of us here in the US- and I am avidly against all three- as well as any other form of violence against women.

Here is a link to Amnesty's Campaign site, for these issues:


Whenever we find a good Environmental Foundation, we will add them to our Roster, but as for now, Amnesty International (whose integrity is flawless, and whose good acts worldwide are well known) are at the top of our list.

» Vegetarianism and Animal's Rights

Someone asked, regarding the Order's stance on Vegetarianism and Animal Rights:

What about animals we eat?Collapse )

» Men and Women in the Knights Magdalen

What follows is a FAQ containing many questions that have been raised regarding our treatment of the Feminine, and our understanding of the relationship between the Masculine and the Feminine, according to our Order's Philosophy.

Many people have raised many contentions, and each has been carefully answered here. The Order is not a "church" or a religion in the usual sense; we are a Social Action Order, working for Social Justice. All orders of any kind have a philosophy that underlies them; ours is not different, with the exception that our philosophy is a touch more metaphysical. But our metaphysics are not what you need to accept to join our order- only the Code of Chivalry.

FAQ about Gender issues in the OrderCollapse )

» The Preceptory

The Preceptory of the Knights Magdalen- our Discussion Community through Live Journal, is open now.

I hope that all on this friends list will join it!



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